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  • SunsetNews Day 9

    SunsetNews Day 9

    I am Taiichi from Japan. I started my around the world journey starting last January from Tokyo. I usually fly a lot for my business using commercial airlines. However I decided not to use airplanes this year. So I took lots of buses, trains, ships to cross Asia, Europe and North America. I even ride...
  • SunsetNews Day 8

    SunsetNews Day 8

    Hola I’m Juan from Mexico, I’ve been on the road for a while and just got repatriated from Uruguay. I was doing a South American trip all the way to Patagonia. So I spent some time with my family back in Guadalajara where I grew up. I contacted ZERO a few weeks later after my...
  • SunsetNews Day 7

    SunsetNews Day 7

    Aloha! I’m Marco, jumped on Zero in Banderas Bay couple of days before saying “hasta luego” to Mexico. I come from the Mediterranean Sea but I’ve traveled and lived in Western Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Hawaii in the last few years. I like surfing, enjoying nature in all her shape, play the guitar and...
  • SunsetNews Day 6

    SunsetNews Day 6

    Ahoy, Have you ever been to Socorro Island? The water is unbelievable clear. We dropped the hook in 110ft of water and could see the anchor go down almost all the way. What a difference to the last anchorages where even in 20ft of water you loose sight within seconds. Not here. The island is...
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