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  • Ahoy from Paradise (What is a day?🤔)

    Ahoy from Paradise (What is a day?🤔)

    Ahoy, we made it. I know you know but anyway.. we finally realized we’re here.. It’s all green here. Unbelievable how lush the vegetation is. The bay is filled with plenty boats and the daily morning net starts at 8am. Sharp.! It’s the meeting point in the Marquesas. Biggest village around and best chance to...
  • SunsetNews Day 32

    SunsetNews Day 32

    LAND HOOOO! I woke up from it and when I came on deck I could clearly see land. Wow. A lush green island. Actually looked kinda fluffy because it’s completely covered with dark green vegetation. What a sight. We all enjoyed it and high fives were making rounds through the crew. The island we saw...
  • SunsetNews day 31

    SunsetNews day 31

    Aloha today is day 31, and it will be the last full day out on the ocean. The Marquesas islands are in front of us and we have only 113 nm left before we’ll drop our anchor next to a beautiful and exotic island. Today began quick, really quick! I woke up when I suddenly...
  • SunsetNews Day 30

    SunsetNews Day 30

    Ahoy folks, Today we’re 1 month at sea. Mai 21st we checked out of Mexico and started our journey. Every day we see the blue ocean and the blue sky. Ok sometimes it was grey with even darker patches but most of the time we had nice and sunny weather. There’s not much we see...

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